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1920's Wooden High Chair

This vintage photo of a baby girl in a Wooden high chair from a savory married couple in 1920 S is manyseniors's favorite high chairing this! Altogether! Is image, image is dr.

Combo High Chair

This chair is from the 1920 S and is produced of english make-a- nash chair, it offers a dainty bit of metal art on the back of the chair (i'm pretty sure that's a feature) and is manufactured of hardwood. It is an enticing addition to desk and enticing for working on the computer, this is a rustic Wooden high chair that is best-in-the-class for a small family. It is equipped with an old-fashioned red and white checkerboard floor mat, a red and green "default" chair cushion, and a green and black "default" chair cushion, the chair is conjointly covered in green and black fabric and grants a natural digging wood frame. This high chair is top-grade for use as a seat, or for use as a place to store tools and items, this chair is in excellent condition and was used for serving food. The spindle on the chair is inlaid with antique 1920 S goldilocks, the chair is fabricated from hardwood and offers a green fabric upholstery. This 1920's-style Wooden chair is fashioned after a modern armchair, it's made of sturdy wood, and it's lined fabric. It's an excellent addition to each room, and it's sterling for serving up a hot meal in.