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1940 Wooden High Chair

This 1940 s-style wood chair can now be turned into a rocker with the help of a decal kit from 1940 s Wooden high chair kit, this kit comes with a tray to hold dinner ware, and can be used for sitting or sleeping.

1940 Wooden High Chair Walmart

This 1940-1950 s Wooden high chair with a spindle baby seat is a top substitute for a single high chair or as a multiple high chair, the chair can be for cleaning or for others to enjoy. This chair is an excellent surrogate for a new home, this 1940 s Wooden high chair is a classic and a terrific collectible. This chair is from wi and is considered a rare sheep lamb chair, it is a large chair that can easily fit a three person diet. The chair is fabricated and other materials that are used in the manufacturing of furniture, this chair is a valuable addition to home. This original 1940 s Wooden high chair can be used for sitting or sleeping in, the chair converts to a low table which makes it great for cooking or sitting in. The chair as well comfortable to sit in and is best-in-the-class for toddlers or infants, this 1940 s photo negative child is outside the building in a Wooden high chair, enjoying a good time while watching a live cake fall to the ground. The chair is from the collection of vtg, and the person who created it.