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Antique High Chair Parts

Looking for an unique and durable piece of furniture? Search no more than this dollhouse furniture parts! This high chair is an enticing addition to your nursery and will add a touch of luxury to your home, made from vintage materials, lot vintage dollhouse furniture chair is sure to make a statement.

Vintage High Chair Parts

This open chair is vintage families' best seat for a baby, it's comfortable and top-of-the-line for small children. The green color is inspired by the planet, this sterling silver high chair charm is an exceptional alternative to re-purpose an old wooden high chair, the belt buckle is a basic design that can be changed to include a new meaning - it can be a place to relax and come together to make a complete set. The charm can also be a place to keep for future use, this Antique high chair from sylvania family is an unique and iconic chair that is top-quality for any high chair collection. This chair is Antique browns prohibition and times are how it renders been used for many years now, it is a top addition to all high chair collection and is a valuable addition to your home. This is a vintage high chair part from the baby 8 series, it imparts a high chair body and two strollers. The top stroller offers a buggy top and a high chair body below it, the bottom stroller presents a trike bottom and a high chair body above it.