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Keekaroo High Chair Tray

This is a valuable high chair Tray that can be customized to tailor your individual setting, you can choose to have it height-adjustable or non-tray-able. The Tray can also be customized in colors and designs, making it an exceptional way for a wide variety of homes.

Keekaroo High Chair Infant Insert

The Keekaroo high chair is splendid for elderly or- ing people, it is adjustable to tailor a variety of heights, and renders a wood frame and metal frame. It comes with a Tray to store food, water, and toys, the high chair can also be used as an attachment for other toys and services. This high chair is sensational for children who are right height, and who covet to be able to eat in peace, it is adjustable to an unrivaled right height, and gives a Tray to store food. It as well safe for children to eat, as it is fabricated from wood, this chair is in a matching Tray combo too. This high chair renders an adjustable height feature which allows you to tailor it exactly right into any space, the Tray makes it basic to serve food and drinks to your child while they play. The wood construction means that Keekaroo infant height right high chair is will last with itsits’ for many years.