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Vintage High Chair Metal

This is a vintage high chair made of metal and characterized by its mid century modern design. It is cosco and is currently used for food. The chair is currently in great condition and is for sale at a discounted price.

Vintage High Chair Metal Walmart

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Vintage High Chair Metal Amazon

This vintage cosco high chair is a delicious storybook toy teddy bear! It is made of metal and is foldingable, so it perfect for an upcoming meal! The rug is a great color and the toy is made very well. The fabric is not so great, but enough to make a political statement. this is a great stationary chair for those with a baby who likes to be in the sun. The stylish metal frame and fabric make it easy to mamas and dads for that easy day when your baby is too hot or too cold. The high chair is also great for busy parents who want to keep their parenting process moving forward without having to sit around and take care of everything. this is a vintage high chair metal tray that is perfect for children's seats, tiny trays, or a small table. The sterling silver hardware is in very good condition and has not been used often. The chair is also very comfortable to sit in and is a great option for a small family dinner. this vintage high chair is a great addition to your home and offers a unique look at the room. The metal is in good condition and the chair is comfortable to sit in. The foot rest is current and functioning perfectly. The chair is large and high enough to provide enough space for at least five people. The tray is perfect for taking food serving advances and there is a foot rest for each person. The only downside is that the fabric is not very comfortable to sit in and the tray can not be removed for cleaning.